Simply put, ProGrade just took us to the next level and into the brave new world of USB 4. Their new CFexpress B 4.0 and USB4 CFexpress card reader are a very much appreciated time saver. While we won’t see the benefit of the new CFexpress card speed in our cameras, we do see the benefit in our workflow.

Speaking frankly here, if you make a couple of clicks and upload them to check them out, the benefit of the increased speed is something you won’t see. This past weekend in a tent, with the wind and rain howling outside and being huddled inside with my MacBook Pro uploading the days shooting on the ramp on battery power, the speed is everything! Working on just the battery, sucking down images sucks down the battery and the speed of the card and reader got the task done faster so I had more battery power to go through my images and send them out that night to the needed parties. That meant the next day we could relive the memories from the day before and plan on making new ones this new day. I’m very thankful and grateful ProGrade is cranking up the speed!

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