ProGrade Colbalt 650GB & 325GB CFexpress Type B cards in Z 9

I don’t know if I told you, but when we were shooting Snail Kites, one of my friends shot 49,000 images in 9 hours! That really has made an impression on me. I asked myself if some killer great opportunity came up, would I have enough card space. I asked my IT guy Chuck who crunched the numbers and decided based on what he came up with that I needed backup cards just in case. Shooting stills and video, the Z 9 chews through space writing all those gorgeous files! So for my upcoming time on Kodiak with the Browns, I’m going into the field with twice the normal ProGrade space to record stills and video!

The key to the speed of the Z 9 and its Expeed 7 dual-stream wizardry is the writing speed to the memory and the write speed of the memory. It’s needed for 20fps Raws or 120fps Jpegs stills and 125 minutes 8K video to work so seamlessly. The Z 9 has two CFexpress Type B / XQD or dual slots (do yourself a favor and go CFexpress!). Optimized for high-performance CFexpress Type B cards like those from ProGrade, the dual slots are independent so you can load them with a CFexpress and/or an XQD, different sizes or write speeds. If you want your Z 9 to deliver all the speeds Nikon reports in the Z 9 literature/instruction book, the ProGrade Cobalt 1700 MB/s cards should be inserted.

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