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on Aug 22, 2019 in Random Thoughts

PSW ’19 Precon & More!

Red Rock Cyn
captured by Z6 / Z24-70f2.8

The sun had just come across the horizon barely lighting the tip tops when I went click. Wait much longer and the exposure range would have been way too great to make the foreground that was all in shadow appear. So why can you see the foreground? Knowing how ACR works prior to shooting, I knew that when in B&W, I can go to the HSL/Gray Scale which changes in B&W mode to Color sliders, I was able to “light” the foreground by simply moving the Yellow and Green Slider. If I used the Shadow sliders, you would lose the shapes of those shrubs. The Yellow and Green sliders keep the shrub shape intact making the visual depth jump to life. That pretty much sums up the great Precon we had the first day of Photoshop World. It’s a simple click made with the Z6 / Z24-70f2.8, hand-held of course :-)

Biker Dude
captured by Z6 / Z14-30

Then there was the bad biker dude … so cool! Only at Photoshop World can you walk down a hall then bam … see a bad biker dude sitting on a cool bike all lit ready to shoot. He held so bloody still, that was great all on its own. I had to make a quick click of the whole thing because it was just so cool. Done simple with the Z6 / Z14-30 in Monochrome, I wanted to include the entire scene as that’s what really made the story. When I said thanks and gave the bad biker dude a thumbs up, he made me jump when he “came to life” to say thanks back. Too much fun to be legal!!!

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