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on Aug 20, 2019 in Random Thoughts

PSW ’19 Vegas Precon – Yeah Baby!!!!

taken by Z6 / 105f1.4 / SB-5000

It was simply, a wonderful day in the neighborhood! I had all of my PSW ’19 Precon attendees up in the classroom at, wait for it, 04:00 and then on the bus to see the sun come up in the desert. And of course, they had their cameras in tow. You might be wondering if we were out shooting at sunrise, why I’m posting to photographs of this sweet, gorgeous ladies who accompanied us and not pictures of rocks. Well … it was a class on B&W photography which truly requires thinking about light. Nothing makes you think more about light then backlit ladies with 09:00 light in the desert. Here’s how the images were made in those conditions. It is so simple, I feel silly posting this.

taken by Z6 / 105f1.4 / SB-5000

Photo starts with establishing a rapport with the models. Then with the Z6 / 105f1.4, the SB-5000 inside a Impact Hexi 24 Softbox on a pole overhead and just out of frame, I used the Z6 flash magic. Polarizer on the 105f1.4 bringing my shutter down to 1/3200 ISO100 (the Z6 on High Speed Sync), f/1.4, flash ratio at 1/12, the Z6 and WR-R10 took care the rest. Then it was just letting the gals personalities come through. Simple!

We had the most marvelous group of souls this morning! I’m very grateful the 40 of them had enough faith in me to join first at 04:00, then shoot until 10:00 and then … comeback and spend time in the Digital Darkroom learning how to finish B&W. I’ve not finished all the landscape images from this morning. Finishin with four hours of sleep never turns out well. These photos are right out of the camera so quick to post. I have more to come from this morning. Until then, thanks to all for joining us, it was a blast!!!

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