PT-19 Fairchild captured by Z 6II / Z24-70f2.8

That’s the text I received Saturday night before our shoot at the Spirit of Tulsa Squadron the next morning. My dear friend Joe who was helping to get aircraft out of the hangar wanted to know what I wanted to do. I did what I always do, simply said back, “The worst wx can make the best photography!” We left the plans as is, meeting long before sun up to get planes in position for the shoot.

Aviation is such a wonderful and small world! In planning my shoot for my Aviation Seminar I reached to my friends at CAF. Even though I’d never meet any of the good folks at Spirit at Tulsa Squadron, I knew they’d do all in their power to make it a great morning (and now good friends!). And it truly was a great morning. The skies were angry but they slowly started to break just prior to sunrise and for the next four hours provided the most gorgeous saturated light in which to photograph the PT-19 you see above and a great T-6. It was a fabulous morning with great planes and friends!

The shot above was such an easy slam dunk, it’s a prime example of just show up. We pushed the PT-19 to the edge of the ramp. It’s what’s reflecting the light up into the bottom of the left-wing. The right side is over the grass. I love the contrast in light that creates and is an old trick of mine. I just took the RRS Ground Pod, put it flat on the grass, and shot. And that’s how the whole morning went, great shots easily accomplished. And the rain … I did feel three drops as we pushed the PT-19 back into the hangar.

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