Really Right Stuff TFA-32G Ground Pod

The Really Right Stuff TFA-32G Ground Pod is a fabulous tripod I have been using for decades! I talked about it during my aviation seminar on Saturday and have had a number of emails about it and where to get it. It’s an aluminum tripod with 12″ legs that double with the extensions. The extensions can be reversed for spikes or rubber tips. You can literally go from flat, flat, flat to standing 24″ tall in seconds. It is NOT a lightweight tripod and can hold in a strong wind the 800mm with D6 rock solid. I depend on the Ground Pod for my aviation work!

Sadly, it’s been discontinued and the only place I’ve seen them of late is eBay. Is there a substitute? Well, that’s really a great question. For the work I do, I’ve never found a substitute. Placing our pano box with camera/lens in the cockpit of a plane to do a pano, the flexibility and stability is matched by none. Now if you’re just wanting to put a camera flat on a surface and it’s just a small lens, there are lots of options. I’m never lucky enough to have a flat surface or work with small lens. While that answers folk’s questions I regret it really doesn’t help them obtain one of the finest tripods I’ve ever owned.

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