White-tailed Deer with newborn captured by Z 8 / Z400f4.5 w/1.4x

With my hands full of blower unit repair, I looked out to see one of our favorite does looking right at me. She was born on The Ranch our first year here under our front tree. I looked at her and put my hands up to show no apple, just lots of wiring black dust covering them and then she looked down. That’s when I saw she had dropped her first fawn. The first fawn appeared on The Ranch on the 12th, she had #2 on the 19th. I quickly washed my hands, grabbed the Z 8 / Z400 which is always left set up on the counter and went out to take the portrait. The fawn, probably 8-12 hours old is sooooo cute! After the clicks she led her newborn back up to the ravine and I headed back in to get dirty with wiring. But was sure fun to say hello to #2!
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