“Shop Window Frost” captured by Z 9 / Z105f2.8mc

The shop is kept warm enough so the fluids don’t freeze but I only heat it when I’m going to be gluing or painting. Cutting, sanding and the like, I just wear a long sleeve shirt to stay warm because normally it’s around 58 degrees. I normally look out the windows to see what critters are out and about never really looking at the windows themselves. With the -18 temps of late, the windows have become as interesting as what’s outside them. Frost as always intrigued me but when I’ve pulled the lens out, it doesn’t translate for me so I don’t go click. Yesterday though the light coming through was very indirect the the frost had the cool patterns you see above (there are 3 images in the gallery). The background plays a big part in the photo, both highlighting the frost and creating some interest. I had fun doing something in the shop besides working with wood, a fun new lesson. The other thing I learned, I need to clean my shop windows! But when it comes to saying “cold” in a photo, frost works good for seeing & feeling -16.

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