G-21 Goose captured by Z 8 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x

More then any other time, when I’m heading out to shoot aviation I make sure my camera sensor is spotless! That’s because when I want to capture prop blur I need to close down the aperture and that makes every dust spot come alive in the photograph. So it was this morning, the Z 8 sensor was spotless yet when I put the camera up and made the first clicks I could see two nasty spots at the top of the frame. Spots can be spotted in the viewfinder shooting mirrorless where they weren’t able to be seen with a DSLR. Well I hit the sensor clean, no help. I removed the lens and blew the sensor off, no help. Then I remembered what had happened in the past. I took off the teleconverter and sure enough, there were the two spots. The element that inserts into the body, it had the two spots. This had happened once before and now the second time, it will be ingrained in my memory. Sensor spots, look first on the teleconverter!
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