photo by the amazing Carol Smith

I’ve had the great joy of knowing, exploring and shooting with Carol for many years. She is still the only lady I know who has her 600f4 on a tripod on her shoulder as she does pilates. That’s her dedication to her photography. I’m not going to say how young she is other then the Model A was what she used for her driver’s test (well, may not that young). It doesn’t slow her down, she’s just keeps going and in the process works at inspiring others through her photography, especially me. She has a delightful website where nearly everyday she shares one photo, one story. As you can see above, the photos are really nice imagery. Even more is her “stories” where she shares the wonders she discovers along her photographic journey. It’s an inspiration for us all and I invite you to follow. It will brighten up your day and just move your photography a bit more forward.

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