“Passionate Kisses” captured by Z 6II / Z105mc

I know, I don’t do macro / posey photography. There is actually a long story that goes with that, but not right now. You might be asking though since I’m well known for saying this, why would I go and buy the new Nikkor Z105mc? When it arrived from Bedford’s last week, the lens basically set me back in my chair, it is hands down the finest and sharpest macro lens I’ve ever shot with (and I have / had them all!). Heck, the lens even reports to you what magnification you’re shooting at. Well, I found my old shooting macro notes and dusted off the prototype Really Right Stuff B150-B Focus Rail (wouldn’t think I’d have something like that, would ya?) sitting in the locker and went to thinking about macro subjects.

I pondered a whole bunch of set ups, experiments in hell for me, looking for that “macro” shot to start getting to know this great new tool in the kit (it’s actually for work to, have a proposed project I need it for). First, I photographed Sharon and her gorgeous eyes cause it is a 105mm lens, killer for portraits. Then it occurred to me my own saying, KISS. I’d been passing it for over a year now. Even watered it but did I look down and smell those roses! Not until I got the Nikkor Z105mc which to be honest, was really stupid of me. I attached the Nikkor Z105mc to the  Really Right Stuff B150-B Focus Rail, used a small bounce card for light (roses in shadow), listened to my knee pop and grind and went click. Shot wide open (f3.3) at 1:1.6 lifesize, slowly, ever so slowly stood up and felt good about pushing myself to make an image with a macro lens. And at the same time rereminding myself, to smell the roses!

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