Epson Print Layout up and running!

Tuesday is when I calibrate my iMac and often the day I print. It was 13 degrees and snowin when the sun rose so it seemed like the perfect day to be “stuck” in the office getting prints done (which I’m behind on) and on the drying rack to ship later this week. The Epson Print Layout works so sweetly with the P900 & P7000 that it’s not a chore but just fun. That was until, the sun started to peak out half way through the print session with 4, 24×30 prints to go! Then the birds started to go crazy and basically begging me to take their photograph. That wasn’t my plan so now I set the timer, hit the print button, shoot out the window and when the timer goes off, catch the print coming out of the printer, hit the Print button and going back to shooting until the timer goes off again. Just another snowy day here at The Ranch!

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