House Wren captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x & Profoto A10

Taking a walk practically anywhere in the early morning right now will reward you with a chorus of sound. Birds celebrate spring with a song calling practically as soon as the sun strikes them in the morning. It might seem they do so for our delight, but that song is all about the process of finding a mate. One of the very busy bodies and songsters is the House Wren. The male bursts into song at the mere sight of a female and seems to stay in song until either it gets the attention of the female or the female has moved on. Bringing that joyous song to an image first requires finding the songster. Next is getting close enough to obtain the image size you want. And of course, it has to be singing. Finally, it requires light. Hopefully, you’ve looked at this photo long enough to wonder how the side light could light up deep into its mouth? That’s because flash is being used. All it takes is a kiss of flash to brighten up the interior and therefore bring life to the song. Without that flash, the mouth would be dark or black and that doesn’t lend itself to song. As you head out to bring this song home, remember to take your flash as it’s needed for the song of spring.

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