White-tailed Deer 30min old fawn captured by Z 9 / 180-400

Just a month after we moved into The Ranch years back, two new fawns appeared. We befriended their mom and of course the two fawns instantly becoming a daily routine of howdys. We’re not sure which of the does are the mom but we’ve never lost track of the two fawns. One is a buck, the other a doe and they both keep us company. They have even gotten use to Maggie and Maggie now accepts them. I figured some day they would return the favor of all the security of The Ranch, his day will come when he shows up one fine fall day years from now with a monster rack to be photographed. The doe said thanks yesterday morning when it dropped its fawn right under the guest room window! We didn’t even know she was there, totally hidden. It was the actions of the buck with the doe that clued us in. Still wet from birth and unable to walk well, the fawn laid there in the grass. When it got up and started to follow mom up into the sage, I walked out with the Z 9 / 180-400 and photographed it. Mom wasn’t alarmed, in fact, I think she knew I’d be out. Slowly, ever so slowly and like a drunken sailor the fawn made its way up to mom. We have another pregnant doe still to drop so soon, we’ll have more spring joy!

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