I just love, love talking with other shooters in the business! Steve might be a radio disk jockey but I think of him as a class A photographer and a GREAT conersationalist. Even more, I think of him as one of the best interviewers in the business. I was fortunate enough to just record his July 29th Episode of behind the shot.

This is my second time on and it was better than the first. I talked critters the first time and got to talk aviation this time. Steve comes prepared so we don’t just talk f/stop and shutter speed. It’s much more in depth which is why I love doing it and he’s the best!

Behind the shot takes one photograph from a photographer and goes into the background of making the shot. Yeah, there is some technical talk but more importantly, is the process before, during and after. No matter your genre of photography, you will come away from each episode knowing more about photography. It’s a great podcast and video chat, you can watch it in either format. Click on the link, you’ll find out for yourself what I’m talking about! And … thanks again Steve!!!

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