Crested Caracara

I’m really excited, really excited to offer a bird photography adventure back in the Texas ranch lands! Here’s some background. The majority of TX is privately owned, much is really dry. Some of the big ranches on the southern border have for over a decade have had bird photography blinds on water features they built. They suck in the birds from everywhere to the water in an otherwise dry world just feet away from the blind (you always have a 70-200 ready back in the day for this reason). We’re seating in covered blinds at basically ground level photographing the birds as they come in. What is truly amazing are the rare bird species that flock in. Birds seen nowhere else in NA are common at these blinds! Take a look at what I photographed at the ranch two years ago!

We have been able to reserve ALL the blinds at the ranch to ourselves for ONLY six photographers (one opening) 07-12 May 2021. You fly in and out of McAllen, TX. We stay in the bunkhouse at the ranch where we get fed, relax and sleep. The price for transportation to and from the airport, all food, all lodging (Dbl Occupancy) once at the ranch, blind rentals, guide, and instruction is $2950. This is four 1/2 days in the blinds.

You’ve not experience bird photography like this before. If you’re interested, give Sharon a call 406 240 3503 (9-5 M-F PST)

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