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on Jul 16, 2019 in Random Thoughts

That Sneaky Portrait

My Sweetie
captured by Z7 / 105f1.4

On a lonely MT road with the skies threatening to wash us back to the Pacific, we stand to photograph a lonely barn on a picturesque hillside. I have the 105f1.4 on the Z7 (via the FTZ) as I position myself for the photo. My beautiful bride is standing behind me, the stormy backlight painting across the landscape and highlighting her hair. If I’m not sneaky, I won’t get the shot. I prefocus at the distance I think she’s standing away from me. I set the Z7 to AutoArea AF so the eye detection will lock on fast as I know I only have a moment. I dial in exposure comp, keep looking over my shoulder and when I think I have the shot, I turn quickly, hit the AF Button and rip off five frames before my shy subject knows what I’m up to. Ah ha … I did get one though :-)

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