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on Apr 3, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Body – If All Else Fails

I know, you’re tired of photography “how to kill time” ideas, well this isn’t one of those. Those of your who follow the blog continually (and thank you very much for that) know that every six months or so, I pull out the camera instruction manual and go over everything like I’ve not seen it before. First, I head to the Nikon Firmware website an make sure I’m running the current firmware and make note of the changes it brings. Then I start going through my camera like it’s brand new!

It is essential you get to know your best friend, your camera body! But how do you do that and at the same time, make it an integral part of your photographic arsenal? Well in this video I give you some ideas on just that topic from learning its functions to imputing your first settings. I mention in the video my settings, you can find them here. Yeah, I do that which includes going out and shoot to double-check that settings I’ve been using, still are the best for my photography. How do you do that, here’s one idea?

A CRITICAL thing I didn’t mention in the video (because I stopped reading my list, duh!) is to do the Teddy Bear Exercise to understand the meter, the advice your best friend provides and make the exposure yours. In this process, you find you need a particular tool, or new camera body (as that can happen), remember to head to Bedford Camera and they will ship to you instantly and when you check out, use the special discount code MOOSE.

Take care, stay safe and remember, your photograph can change the world!

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