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on Jun 4, 2019 in Random Thoughts

The Brewing Storm

With the coming of summer are the afternoon thunderstorms on the Eastside. The power of rising moisture has in the creation of clouds fascinates me. So, I set up the Nikon Z7 / Z14-30 on afternoons never really knowing what I’ll capture, nor for how long. All days but two days so far this year, rain chases the camera back in (it’s plugged into 120 with the EH-5D & EP-5B). The other factor is clouds that look cool in a time-lapse which don’t always perform. On this day, it never rained right on the camera so I was able to capture 11hrs which created in camera a 1.30min Time Lapse. Created all in the Z7, I just added music and posted. Enjoy

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