The Ranch 021922 Time Lapse captured by Z 9 / Z14-24f2.8

How far can I push the Z 9 and get the photographs I need and want? That question is part of the last three months of experimenting, typical when I have a new camera body. And this past weekend, I went one step further with another in finding answers. Using the USBc power option in the Z 9, I set up Z 9 remotely on The Ranch to capture the incoming storm. The Z 9 was remotely shooting the Time Lapse for ten hours, taking 1 photo every 15 seconds (Aperture Priority, f/5.6 no exp comp), with the Z 9 creating the video when finished, I learned some things. First was the connected solar battery ran the Z 9 the entire time, the EN-EL18d was still at 100% charge after ten hours and the solar battery had 25% power left. Amazing! Next, the Time Lapse feature in the Z 9 is even nicer than in the Z 6II producing a clean vid right from the camera. Finally, NX Studio has music right in the program you can use. You hear it here. Love learning new things, even more things working the first time so darn well.

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