Epson P900 with roll paper works effortlessly!

 With no cables for Maggie to grab, pull on and disconnect, I print from my desk with my MacBook while I continue to work on the iMac. The Epson SC-900 has made it way too easy to print!  While my efforts at being a reformed print-aholic have gone out the window with the Epson SC-900, like my friend Vinnie say, “It’s like printing money”! The roll paper adapter which is a totally new animal (pictured above) from any previous model makes printing even faster. No more spool to insert. No more hassle loading paper through the back slot. You literally drop the paper roll into the back (don’t drop it!), unroll the paper slightly into the slot, press a button and you’re ready to print! The prints coming out are simply, gorgeous to the point I’ve reprinted many for my own walls! But it doesn’t stop there.

Using Epson Print Layout 1.5.2, adding a new paper profile is soooooo simple! I clicked on Media Type, add Metal Luster and EPL went out to the web, grabbed the profile, and loaded it onto the Mac. It couldn’t have been simpler or easier. But the goodness doesn’t stop there! As I mentioned before, EPL has a special treat for us Metallic users. The Carbon Black or Black Enhance Overlay produces stunning results! The visible difference in the DMAX makes the reds in this print jump off the paper. If you’re looking at upgrading or getting a new printer, I can’t recommend the SC-900 enough to you! Now, back to printing.

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