Hayden Valley Tree captured by  Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

The tree is not new to me been looking at it for decades. Not as a possible subject but for what critters but be using it. So yesterday as we were approaching it I did as always, checked for critters. Last critter I saw in its shade were coyotes. This day, nothin. But then I saw the glint of sparkle on it from the hoar frost. Then I saw the slope, then I saw its shadow. By the time my mind processed it all I had to yell STOP! The snowcoach pulled over, I grabbed the gear and walked back the could of hundred yards to make the click. The making of the photo was pretty straight forward. But the Z 9 into monochorme, focus and click. Done. In the end, it because one of my favorite winter tree photo from Yellowstone. And I’ll never think of this tree the same way except for with its kiss of hoar.
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