Cathedral Rocks, Cimarron Mtns 3 image pano captured by Z 6II / Z24-70f2.8

I’m on the spectacular Philmont Scout Ranch teaching this coming week, here early to scout and take it all in. Bison, Swallows, Mule Deer and Grouse, Pronghorn, and Swift have a magical playground here in the mountains of Cimarron. After checking out a lake for some flyfishing, I went for a walk up to Cathedral Rocks. Though a horrendous wildfire swept through three years ago, it’s still a spectacular view a single click couldn’t capture. I went vertical and took three shots in B&W and other than using ACR to assemble the three images, the pano is right out of the camera. Heading out to end our day to drink my favorite bourbon at an Inn on the Santa Fe trail that was built in those days looking out at the gorgeous, mountains of the Cimarron!

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