photo courtesy of Nikon

This very retro looking film camera is the new Nikon Z fc. This DX 20.9MP digital camera has been packed with the latest AF, video and cool options you can find in a small package. It truly is bloody cool and the PERFECT travel camera with the Z16-50. Head to the website to learn all the features incorporated in this new body from Nikon! Yeah, I’ve already reached out to Bedfords to get one!

Moose Peterson's

Aviation Seminar

Presented Live in the Classroom or Your Computer Simultaneously!

I'm bringing to you all I have learned romancing the skies with those gorgeous flying machines. We're talking hours of live presentations with images, charts, gear, and live demonstrations that you can take to the airfield and use to bring back those great images. To learn more and to get your Boarding Pass, simply click on this banner and then put up your trays and fasten your seatbelts, we're taking off!

Watch and rewatch it for 6 months afterwards!

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