Electric Peak Yellowstone captured by Z 9 / Z24-120f4

Landscape photography is so much easier when you beat the sun up and outlast it when it sets. At those moments, you can cherry pick the light like on this morning in Yellowstone’s high country. The first light of the day strikes the high peaks with the valley floor below still in shadow. This is very dramatic light and then you add in the effect of the clouds, well it’s like shooting fish in a barrel photography. Setting the Z 9 to Monochrome (B&W) it was just that simple to make the photo. Then the power of white grabs your eye, takes you to the top of Electric Peak and then around and back to it. The only hardship this morning, doing all of this with no coffee yet. The photograph left me a warm glow though so I made it until I had a cup. The power of white!

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