Quite often I am asked how I take my product shots. It’s nothing real elaborate or fancy, it just get’s the job done. I like the lighting pattern Nikon typically uses in their product shots so I’ve just mimicked it. The lighting is all done by SB-900s. The top on shooting through a Lastolity EZYbox has it’s diffuser dome and is on Channel 1, Group A. The SB-900 on the left is likewise going through a Lastolite EZYbox and is Channel 1, Group B. The SB-900 on the right is shooting through a Lastolite Umbrella and is Channel 1, Group C. The umbrella is 1/3 the distance further away from the product then the light box on the left. The Upper lightbox goes up and down with the size of the product, always just out of frame. All is controlled and fired by the SU-800 which is attached to the D3s. I shoot with the 70-180 macro, a killer sharp lens and since it’s a macro and a zoom, it makes shooting real simple.

Depending on the lighting desired, exp comp is dialed into the SU-800. In this scenario where I wanted a white background, all the flashes were set at 0 exp comp. In this little studio, I was able to shoot everything in the camera bag in 90min. It took longer to remove dust from the gear than make the shot.

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