The Bitterroots captured by Z 9 / Z24-120

It was almost like someone flipped a switch! The hummers vacated the premises about the middle of August and that signaled the seasons were changing. Then our aspens started to drop a leaf here and there. Then the bird seed consumption really slowed down. Our White-tailed bucks have shed their velvet in the past week. And finally, the trees are mighty quiet. Fall is fast taking over our little valley and critters are hunkering down. The light has mellowed and we’re blessed with wildfire smoke only just now kinda lingering in the air. I miss the explosion of sound of spring of all the critters at The Ranch. It’s such a great start to the day. But then, I love the light this time of year. I look forward to the explosion of color I think we’ll have because of the good rains last month combined with our morning temps in the high 40s. A chill in the air and the fall color for me just make the silence so loud!

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