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on Dec 6, 2019 in Random Thoughts

The Venerable 80-400VR

Baby Moose :-)
captured by 80-400

I’m constantly, and understandably so, asked about the 80-400VR2 lens. It has been around now for a while and in the dust of new releases, kinda gets forgotten. Yes, I still have an 80-400VR2 and yes, it still gets used all the time. When do I/we use it? It’s primary use now is for video. Its smooth and sharp focus and compact size make it a killer lens for all our video work. We do use it though for so much more than that!

Custer State Park
captured by 80-400

Oh heck yeah! When I need a light lens to hike back into the backcountry for Moose, it’s the 80-400VR2 is that goes along with me. It’s a great lens for birds and big game. At the feeder, the killer MFD and range is essential. When I’m going an air-to-air mission and I have a formation in the que, the 80-400VR2 is THE lens! That 80 to 400mm range and aperture closing down past f/32 makes the magic come to life in the viewfinder.

A6M2 Zero / B-25
captured by 80-400

And right now, Bedfords has this killer lens for sale. The 80-400VR2 is small enough to be a stocking stuffer (just sayin). Click on the link and you’ll see an instant $200 savings and be sure on check out, you try the Moose in the discount code box (a special offer). This is a great lens that will serve you and your photography for years to come!

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