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on Mar 12, 2019 in Random Thoughts

The Z – 6 Months Later

“How do you like the Z?” is a question that still comes in daily. Simply put, I whole lot!!! Their small size and weight, image quality and solving problems other bodies in the locker don’t, they are a natural addition to the locker (addition, not a replacement!). My primary body is still the D5 with the Z7 & Z6 complimenting its use. For example, when I’m doing an A2A photo mission, the bulk and the weight of the D5 is something I depend on. The Zs are simply too light for me. When shooting the 800mm on a tripod, the Z6 is just too light for me to balance the system where on the 180-400VR, the Z6 works great. And when it comes to flash work and my subject and the light is on the move, the Z6 is simply the best body! And the Z7, well, that’s a body I really like when I know I’m going big.

“Hit or Miss”
captured by Z7 / Z24-70f4

A classic example is this past weekend (or above) when shooting statics, landscapes or detail shots and I want all that information, the Z7 is killer. And to be honest, there are times when in the past I would pick up the D5 but it’s heavy and when I can grab the light Z7 or Z6 and shoot with the same lens (using the FTZ), why beat myself up, just go light? Here’s the key though for me at least, these are tools and I select the right one for the job at hand. There are times when weight is needed and times it’s not. The Z7 & Z6 fit in the same compartment in my bag as just one D850 fits. Rather than just having one body, I can have two and there are times on the documentary where we have had four shooting remote video, one still and one moving video (we have four Z in the locker, been renting 2 more). I’ve had many folks email asking about this concern or another with the Z. Since in my forty years I’ve never had a body with everything (which is why new bodies keep being brought to the market), I’ve learned to work with what is in hand and count my blessings. That’s the beauty of photography, every day is something new to experience and tell its story and the Zs fit right in with that goal!

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