Red-shafted Flicker captured by Z 9 / FTZII / 800f5.6

Oh my, I’ve never before shot a camera like the Z 9! Right out of the box it’s like an old friend, that Nikon magic puts everything where I’m used to and feeling so good so shooting in a heartbeat is easy! The AF is like, wow, not even the same, on a whole new plain. The 3D is astounding! The “no-blackout” EVF is just spectacular. The 20fps is so bloody cool, 500 images on the card faster than I ever imagined. And most importantly, the gorgeous, gorgeous files! I have sooooo much more to share but I need to collect all my thoughts, go over all my notes and get my initial settings down. When I do, you’ll be hearing much more on the Z 9. To the ingenious and creative engineers at Nikon, I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve really created a fantastic machine. Thanks! Thanks and gratitude to Nikon for putting this amazing tool in my hands. mtc

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