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on Dec 21, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

The Z Teaches B&W Photography!

Upper Yosemite Falls
captured by Z6 / Z24-70

I’ve already talked about how the Z6 / Z7 have made my B&W shooting so much easier with out of the camera stunning B&W. But for many, “seeing” our color world in “B&W” prior to the digital darkroom is a real challenge. Translating full spectrum color to B&W is a craft unto itself. But the Z6 / Z7 can make it a breeze. You can look through the viewfinder (or LCD) and see your world in color and then by simply depressing the i Button, make it B&W. Stop depressing the i Button and you’re seeing full spectrum color. And when you’re ready to make your B&W photo, just go click and you’re done! You first set up the MC Picture Control with your settings (the ones I use are below). Then as the video shows below, just select MC Picture Control and once selected, depressing the i Button shows you exactly what your scene will look like in B&W. It’s a great tool to help yourself learn to “see” and capture in B&W!

These are my settings for B&W in the Z6 / Z7.

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