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on Nov 30, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Think Tank Airport Advantage Updated

Think Tank just released an “upsized” version of one of our most popular rolling camera bags, the Airport Advantage Plus. This is a bag I use a lot especially on aviation and landscape projects where space is precious. The new Airport Advantage Plus roller combines carryon size requirements with the lighter weight for which airlines are becoming more restrictive. I can easily pack 2 bodies, 5 lenses and accessories in it and the Advantage EASILY slips in the overhead of the smallest regional jet. I will post a my packing guide for it shortly, but this will give you some ideas on how I pack it.

Now why do I use rollers when I have my own photopacks?

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.44.45 AM

The MP-1 V2 is the only bag I carry my 800mm in around the world. Because it fits in every overhead safeguarding my lens. There are other times knowing the aircraft I’ll be flying in, be it commercial or private, a stiff-sided roller simply won’t work. So like many of you, I have various bags for the various jobs I have to do and their requirements. Oh, there is one other reason why I will use a roller bag over a photopack but I really hate mentioning it. Getting older makes moving around with heavy photopacks just no fun. I’m not saying I’m getting older, just another reason why I love my Think Tank Rollers!

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