Mindshift Trailscape 18L

There are many times I need to have a scaled down kit for projects like photographing Snail Kites from an airboat or more often water work with aircraft like this past week. That’s why I have the Think Tank Mindshift Trailscape 18L! It is not waterproof if it were to go blumb blumb but is most definitely water resistant from rain and splashes. It holds the perfect amount for a scales down shoot. It has either the Z 9 or Z 8, Z400f4l5, Z70-200f2.8, Z24-70f2.8, Z14-24f2.8, Profoto A10 and all the cards, batteries and filters I need. It slips into the smallest compartment on a small plane like a Super Cub and with one zip provides fast access to all my gear. It’s a great bag that I call my water buddy!

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