ThinkTank Clothing Cubes

I love these, simply can’t have enough of them! I’ve always used “cubes” in packing my check-in luggage. The cubes I have are at least twenty years old and no longer available. I’ve looked at plenty trying to replace / supplement what I have and it’s not until ThinkTank introduced theirs that I found a solution. I have the Large, Medium and Shoe Cube which are great sizes. It might make more sense for the product shot to show my unmentionables but Sharon stopped that shoot. I actually have the Medium for my Trapper Mittens which are a perfect fit and great protection both when I travel and storage once back home. And while they are called “clothing cubes” you can put other items in them. For example the Shoe Cube, I’m using that for packing all my Profoto A10 / flash gear from batteries and brackets to light modifiers and even stand! I get on location and I pull it out and I’m working! I got another Medium and it have video gear in it which with its clear top works perfect. Another great product from ThinkTank that works for everything!

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