Seriously … Photoshop World is going to be great this year! You are coming, right? I know I’ll be there with three new classes for Photoshop World. They are:

Wildlife – The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure
We have been left a great gift, the critters of this planet that delight us and peak our imagination! Observing and photographing them often takes you beyond your backyard. The picking, planning for the ultimate wildlife adventure is often done by tossing a dart, there are that many amazing possibilities. Selecting the adventure that fits with where you are photographically though is essential in coming back with the images you want to inspire others with. How do you do that and more importantly, how do you bring that passion in your images and get ready for the next grand critter trip? Come along with me for an hour as I lay out how I’ve been doing just this for over forty years.

Aviation – Need to See the Speed
Great, you have that sharp image of that speeding jet or floating biplane. That’s a great beginning! But it’s by no means the end. You need to push your aviation photography further so you have relative motion in your still image. Just how do you solve that need to see speed? There are fortunately lots of ways to accomplish this by bringing life and romance to our aviation image. Come and sit down with me for an hour with your seat belt fastened and tray in its upright and locked position as we light the skies on fire!

Landscape – Insert Your Heart Here
We are so fortunate being able to travel to some of our greatest natural wonders with our cameras! Taking our own personal challenge from capture to computer means you gotta follow your heart more than finding the right f/stop. That passion that puts you in front of that grand vista takes so much more than camera gear and darkroom technique, you have to insert your heart. And there lies the challenge we are going to tackle in this class. I’m going to help you take your photos from “I was here” to “You Gotta be here!”

See you there, right? Right!

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