Three Fork Flyin under the wing campers captured by Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8

The alarm had us on our feet at 02:00. By 02:30 the coffee was in the mugs and along with us, in the truck heading east. We had been forewarned that the weather looked bad for flying and few aircraft were expected. Jake was going to be there and we wanted to spend a day with him so we were going no matter what. But you just never know right? I firmly believe that the worst weather can make for some of the best photography. We want through a couple of big down pours on our three hour drive and as we came over the last pass dropping down into Three Forks I saw on the horizon eerie red patches of light. It’s why I say to aviation photographers, just show up!

The Three Forks airport is a delightful small town field! The gate was open so with camera in hand, I walked in with the twenty or so aircraft tied down on the ramp. Tents dotted the field. The ramp was wet with large puddles from the recently ceased rains. To the east, the storm started to break and the light began to dance off the heavens and the tarmac. It was photographic and spiritual shang-ri-la as I was the only one about to soak it all in.

The Three Forks Flyin never disappoints! The great folks make it seem like going home week. Planes flyin early for the delicious pancake breakfast. There is nothing like eating a hot and delicious breakfast with hot coffee on the ramp with pilots just dying to take you flying! They are there all day with that intent as the day ends with an amazing roast beef dinner. In between there are stoll contests, floor drops, ping-pong ball drops, plane judging and fellowship.

Jake and I just wandered the ramp with camera on shoulder. The size and proximity of the field made the Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8 the perfect rig for shooting. The Z24-70f2.8 was in the vest pocket for some static and portrait work. The clouds stuck around until the afternoon keeping it cool and the light doable for all day shooting. Probably why I came back with nearly 5k images to file (be sure to check out the gallery below!). In all honesty, can’t think of a better way to spend the day. On the three hour drive back after dinner, Sharon & I were a buzz with conversation about the day. All I can say is thanks to all at MAAA cause once again, Three Forks Flyin, wow!

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