G-21 Goose captured by Z 9 / Z24-70f2.8

When the Goose was hangared in November, it was “winterized” a process basically pickling the engines. That has to be removed to ready the Goose for summer flying. That’s what was going on Friday at the hangar. It’s a timely process, a heck of a checklist to get through so everything is carefully covered. Part of that is turning the engines over(not engaging, just the starter turning the prop) getting fluids out, fluids in, and checking for any leaks or issues. The prop barely turned, so slow that to show any motion I had to shoot at 1/5 as I leaned over the second floor railing to get the shot. I was concentrating on my hand-holding and framing intently as I knew they would only be turning over the engine for ten seconds max. Checked the shot, saw it was sharp, and went on with other shooting. Then I opened the image up on the computer.

That’s when I saw under the nacelle Carson was in the Goose at the window, having fun making a face like he was surprised by the whole thing. His dad, one of my favorite people and pilots, has flown Carson tons so it was no surprise to him. He was just having fun and now that I see his face, I can’t see anything else but it, and I just love that! Too much fun!!

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