Cessna 195 on floats captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

The plans had all come together a week prior, 195 on floats over the Columbia A2A one day then a P-40 A2A over The Palouse the next. All planes were mechnically ready, all pilots excited to fly the flight plan I had come up with. Backgrounds for our shoots all set, new and going to be fun. Lodging booked, truck serviced, all was a go. Sharon I drove to Portland, eight hours to the west with ease with clear skies but strong winds. Arrived in Portland, had a great dinner and settled in our room and busy cleaning sensors when my phone lit up. Wildfires had exploded around Spokane! The wildfires in Canada exploded and all their smoke was heading our way. The next morning we could smell the smoke and see it on the horizon. First the platform plane was grounded, it was 0/0 where it was launching from and by that night all was grounded, no flights! And that’s how it goes with photography, landscape, wildlife, aviation, on the turn of a dime all the plans can simple go up in smoke!

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