The little MC-36 doesn’t seem to be a common accessory in folk’s bag. I get a lot of questions about it so here’s a quick video on it

A number of years back in the BT Journal, I wrote about how I like to make star trails (follow link for PDF) with digital cameras. The method permits you to capture star trails and not the noise. In that article I mention a couple of ways of assembling the final star trail. Those methods have been blown out of the water by my good friend Russell Brown!

The genius that is Russell Brown not only figured out a better way to assemble star trails but also put the trails in motion! That’s right, you can watch your star trails in motion! Russell being Russell not only figured out how to do it, but he is sharing the whole recipe with you so you can do it too! So, give this a gander and if it totally sucks you in (and it will), you’ll want to watch this to see how it’s done.

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