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on Dec 30, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Vet Chronicles – Bob Hambley Pt1

Bob is a vet with nine lives! We all think of vets of having close brushes with death, but I’ve never met anyone like Bob. A midair collision during Advanced Training, ditching in the water, landing during a tropical storm, going off the end of a carrier on the launch, flipping over upon landing on a carrier, Wildcat missing the barrier and crashing on his plane on the carrier deck, those are just SOME of his stories. We were on the edge of our seats the whole time. “My last interview I did with a videographer was 5 1/2 hours.” When Bob, 98, told me that on the phone, I knew Sharon and I were in for a helluva an afternoon. Most of the Vet Chronicles we film don’t last more than half an hour. Bob was going strong after two hours (this is just Part 1)! A Hellcat and Wildcat pilot during WWII, Bob saw it all. He’s such a good storyteller, even though he was sitting in front of us, we kept wondering if he was going to survive each adventure! I just want to say to Bob, thanks for all the great afternoons, thanks for your service and our continuing conversations! This is Part 1.

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