Z24-120 on a Z 6II photo courtesy of Nikon

I loved the F Mount version and I know I’d love the Z Mount version Z24-120, especially with its constant f4. But as my friend asked yesterday, why isn’t this on my list to get? It kinda is, when I have the project that would pay for it being added to the kit, I’ll have it! With the amazing Z14-24f2.8 and Z24-70f2.8 in my kit now, I have the 24mm end covered in grand style. With the Z105mc and Z70-200f2.8 (both favorites) covering to some extent the other end, adding one more great lens at this time doesn’t fit my budget. I’m not about to say it won’t end up in my kit, I’m a weak man. I love new glass and that constant f4 and focal length range I know works well for me. Sharing the same anti-flare technology as the Z14-24 which I can’t force to flare and a 77mm filter size, it would fit nicely with my current kit. And if I don’t stop extolling the Z24-120‘s fine points, I might just talk myself into raiding the piggy bank and order it right now. A gorgeous lens that will be at the right time, a killer addition to my kit!

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