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Another common mistake photographers tend to make is shorting themselves time once they get on site. I realize their are the practical issues of life, things like family and work. But seriously, adding a day or two once you’ve pulled the trigger isn’t much to add to the whole adventure. Yet that extra day or two might mean you’re being in place when the weather breaks or the critter makes an appearance. The one reason photographers tell me why they didn’t spend the extra day or two was the expense of lodging. Man, can I relate to that expense! I can only tell you what I’ve been doing for my entire career and still do, camp!

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I know what you’re thinking, “Where do you plug your notebook in to charge it in a tent?” You find a dinner, restaurant, a lodge lounge where you can hang and plug in. Usually that’s where you find the internet as well. That’s a problem that’s easy to fix. When you’re only spending $20 a night for camping vs. $100 or more a night for lodging, you’ll be surprised what you can do. When you think about what you’re saving over five days camping, you can stay a lot longer or even buy that new piece of gear you need for the trip. When you’re sitting in your car as it pours rain and you ask who’s bright idea it was you camped, keep this one thought in mind. It’s temporary! You’re only camping for x amount of days then you go back to your home. It’s not permanent but the photographs you’ll come home with are and that’s the whole point.

Camping doesn’t mean you bring the kitchen sink and cook, it just means you sleep in a tent rather then a room. You still eat out just like you’re in a room so you don’t have the hassle food prep and cooking and you can use the time in the restaurant to charge batteries if you need to. You can of course cook your own food and save more money if you want, the point is this. Once you’ve decided to make the trip, put in all the days you possible can to make the image happen. That’s how photographic goals get realized (and if you photograph the whole adventure, you have an article to sell. That’s a real win/win!) These are the basics to taking the next step to making your goals come true, hope it helps you do just that!

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