American Red Tree Squirrel captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 at 840mm

“Red” as we like to call him drives our dear Maggie nuts! And Red knows it!! There are actually three “Reds” on The Ranch but Maggie only sees one and does everything in her power to catch them. But she never gets close but she doesn’t stop trying and there lies the fun and photographs. The squirrels are adapted to look for and evade predators, and they see Maggie as such. So they lie in wait watching for her and when she goes after one Red, the others go to the feeder and eat. After about an hour Maggie has had her fill and takes a break. Until, Red makes a move and then Maggie is up and going again. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to get a sharp shot I’m laughing for much. It’s an endless game, where’s that Maggie?

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