Yellowstone Gray Wolves on leftover Bison captured by D5 / 800AFS

Yellowstone is one big, grand place! Its size makes the perfect place for critters to be critters especially the upper apex critters like wolves and bears. They roam this large park at will with wolves covering tens of miles in a day at times. And pack dynamics are always in flux, just read one of Rick McIntyre’s books and you’ll be amazed how much! And you’ve probably heard Yellowstone is the place to go for wildlife photography. There is no doubt there are some amazing opportunities to be had but it can take weeks to see and photograph one. The more knowledge you have the better your odds will be to be in the right place at the right time to make the shot.

The folks over at TrackNature have some great assets you might want to take advantage of like their Wolf Chart. You see a picture of their 2022 wolf chart below. It shows you on one side the pack members and on the other side the territories of the various packs in Yellowstone. They’ve been producing them since 2007 and I have each year’s as they are such great info. They also produce one for Yellowstone’s Griz which is just as great an asset. In your planning to take in Yellowstone, make sure you have these in your kit!

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