MT Air Guard C-130 on MSO ramp captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

Ramps can be such great fun and a challenge, all at the same time which for me, makes them such a sought-after shoot. The fun is you just never know what aircraft might appear. The challenge is you just can’t park and walk onto a ramp with a camera. Funny thing, might just get attention for your photography you don’t want doing that. So, how then do you get access to the ramp? One great way is to take advantage of open house events. Many airports offer that, just Google the airport and read their website. Then go with camera and business cards and have fun. During that process, take just one clean image and meet the airport manager. Give the manager your business card, get their email address and follow up with an email and that one clean click. That’s how you have fun and open doors at the same time!

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