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on Sep 12, 2009 in WRP Photo Packs

WRP’s MP-1 Photopack

The MP-1 is for the adventurer who has already owned all the other photographic backpacks and is now searching for the perfect, simple solution. Note: The MP-1 is a specialized bag for the experienced photographer. If you’re looking for an over padded camera pack, the MP-1 is not for you. In fact, the compartment flaps have no padding at all!

This is not just another camera backpack, oh no! With more than 3000 traveling the globe, the MP-1 has proven itself the traveling photographer’s best friend. On the market since 2003, it’s been to more amazing places than I will in my lifetime.

The MP-1 holds all the gear you see pictured above. If you find that hard to believe, you can look into the MP-1 and how I have it packed below. That’s nothing really new, many backpacks can hold this much gear. But what NO OTHER backpack can do, is hold all this gear and still fit in the overhead of the smallest overhead like the Canadian Regional Jet, Bombardier Q200 & CRJ! The MP-1 slips in and out of this tiny overhead without any hassle or force (MP-1 is L 23″x W 14″x H 8″)! How can this be?

The MP-1 first of all is a photopack designed with my needs # 1, that of the traveling photographer in mind. It’s got to get my gear to exotic locations safely and then permit me to function as a visual communicator once on site. I think it’s fair to say that if you have this ensemble of gear and you travel, this photopack will work for you. Yes, it has a full shoulder strap and waist belt system (these are not heavily padded), but it’s not a system that takes up half of the carry-on space. It’s not a backpack that devotes more space to foam than carrying your gear. But is your gear protected?

While not a planned test, I had an airport TSA personnel drop my MP-1 off the x-ray machine and onto the floor. I can very happily report (so can that TSA person) that I had zero, I repeat, zero damage!

Design & Manufacture
Using the latest 1000 Cordura material, the MP-1 employs a radical new design in photopacks. You can see there are just three compartments. The main compartment, the long lens side, can easily hold a 600f/4VR/ AFS (Series I or II) with camera body attached. 600mm lenses need to have the short foot; for example, the Nikon 600 must be fitted with the RRS LCF-13 or Wimberley AP-652). The compartment flaps have two zippered compartments and two fully adjustable velcro pouches on the sidewalls of the compartment.

The two smaller compartments, the short lens compartments, are large enough vertically to hold a flash and a lens as large as the 70-200VR lying down. These compartments are 10.5″ x 7″ which you customize with dividers to fit your gear. This incredible amount of interior space, while still being small enough to fit into tiny overheads, comes from my years of experience designing backpacks. The features of the MP-1 photo pack don’t stop there!

The MP-1 comes with 6 dividers plus 2 mesh pockets. In my own packing and fixing MP-1 for others, we’ve found this to work perfectly to maximize the MP-1 interior space. Some have purchased the MP-1 and put a smaller lens in the long lens compartment and then added a divider there to carry even more stuff (the poor back) so the MP-1 is totally customizable.

The zippers of the MP-1 are YKK #10 zippers. These are the big dudes that DO NOT break or become separated. They do not bind going around corners either. They’re the heavy duty watertight YKK zipper you only find on a couple other bags in the industry. The pulls are no longer the lockables you see in the video. The MP-1 is a custom manufactured photo pack made right here in the USA .

You can use as many or as few of the shoulder straps and waist belt as you’d like (shoulder & waist straps are 2.75″ wide). They all can hide completely in the back pocket and be pulled out and used on demand. I personally have just the one left shoulder strap out when traveling, less to snag onto things. But when all placed in the pocket, they add no extra height to the MP-1. Some might be concerned that this simple system can’t go the distance, it will wear out the user. That’s why this bag is for the experienced photographer, one who knows a proper backpack puts the weight on the hips. But true, this is not a backpack for a week long trek, it’s a photopack.

Is it comfortable? The MP-1 photo pack weighs only 3lbs when empty (compared to 13lbs of my previous backpack)! When loaded with the above gear, it weighs in at 42lbs. I placed this load on the back of many a lady photographer to get their feedback. All found the MP-1 to be incredibly comfortable.

Video on Moose packing his MP-1

To Order
Lots of TLC went into the design and construction of the MP-1 photopack. It’s now available to you for only $365 which includes shipping (FedEx ground) in the United States. Accessories such as extra padding for the shoulders, pockets and extra dividers are available. It’s your bag for life!

The MP-1 is no longer available.

Note: The MP series of photopacks has one main common trait, fitting in the overheads of the smallest planes while safely carrying massive amounts of camera gear. Some folks have wondered why we don’t have wheels on our packs. Wheels on packs make them impossible to fit in many overheads, defeating the whole design principle of the MP series. If you require wheels, you can do what many MP owners have done. They simply buy a wheelie cart and attach the MP to the cart. But we won’t be coming out with any packs with wheels, sorry!

Return Policy
The MP-1 can be returned if it is done within 30 days of receipt and is returned in new condition with all accessories included. Return Authorization must be obtained prior to returning in order to receive a refund.

The MP-1 is guaranteed against any material or workmanship defects for as long as you own the bag. Problems from abnormal wear or abuse, determined by the manufacturer and/or distributor is not guaranteed and all repairs are the responsibility of the bag owner. Any damage caused to gear being transported in the MP-1 caused by any reason is not covered and is not the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor.

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