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on Nov 28, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

Ya Baby … SNOW!

Douglas Tree Sqrl
captured by D5 / 800mm

Think he’s been watching Peanut Cartoons through the window?

Winter has come to the house … and we love it! One of the best things is how it concentrates all the critters at our feeders, free water, and houses (be it shrubs or birdhouses). It makes observing them easy, fun and always entertaining. Nows the time to stock up on supplies and make sure you have those unfrozen sources of water available for them. It’s 13 degrees outside as I write this which means any water not warmed with a heater will be a rock. This little Douglas Tree Squirrel is waiting his turn to get to the bird bath. Free water is so important to critters, no more so than in the winter.

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