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on Jun 25, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Oh Yeah, the Z Does the Job!

The photo above hit my inbox yesterday and was I shocked and totally blown away! A couple of months back, Nikon brought me into Precision Camera of Austin, TX to talk and do aviation photography. As you might imagine, I couldn’t say no and had a GREAT time! I hit it off with Phil, the owner, a really nice guy and passionate Nikon shooter. We started to talk about the Z and printing. I was telling him how gorgeous the prints were from the Z out of the Epson SC P7000 and I’d sent him some 24×30″ prints so he could see for yourself. Well, I guess you could say he liked them! You can see for yourself in fact how much he liked them. Phil created this killer (I’m very honored) “exhibit” at the store for you to check them out as well. I hope you drop and see the quality the Z and Epson SC P7000 produce cause you can do the same thing! Thanks, Phil!

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