Bison bull captured by D5 / 180-400VR

The air has got that something special, a nip, excitement, anticipation, nervousness about it. The critters are on the move, predators on the hunt as they work towards building their fat reserves. Their pelts are already filled out as they explore the landscape looking for that next meal. Some like the Bison, Elk, and Pronghorn are in full rut challenging each other. Bighorn Sheep are coming down from their summer range and moving towards the lower, winter range where there will be less snow. The trees are in their fall splendor and the thermals show their might in the chilled air as their steam heads for the heavens. Yellowstone in fall is a magical place and I want to share it with you for your camera to capture. Come, join me!

I’ll be taking just FOUR shooters with me as we explore the entire park (one road might be closed already) 17-21 Oct, 2022. The price is $2250 which includes transportation once you land in Bozeman, MT the entire week and back to Bozeman. It also includes guide, instruction and entertainment. It does not include food or lodging. If you’d like to join us for a fantastic time in a gorgeous locale, give Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503!

Note: We’re also going back in November for Yellowstone Wolves which is a totally different and grand experience!

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