I’m up in Alaska shooting and the one reason why it’s so green in summer is because it rains a lot. I keep on shooting in the rain because I know that as long as I can take it, so can my camera gear. That’s because I always have a clean, white, hand towel with me. If I’m not staying at a lodge, I take one with me. Otherwise, I “borrow” a clean one each day from the lodge to use (returning at the end of the day and grabbing another clean, dry one for the next day). This is NOT to cover up my gear when it’s raining or snowing. This is to take care of the gear AFTER I’m done shooting and before the gear goes back in the bag.

The weather never worries when it comes to my gear. My simple rule of thumb is if I can handle the rain, so can my gear. The key is this simple, the ambiguous white towel. If I’m going out shooting in the elements, then the towel is inside my jacket staying dry. If my gear gets wet, the front filter has drops on it, I use the towel to blot it off. Here’s the key to this, NEVER wipe your gear dry. You must BLOT it dry! Wiping will force the moisture into places it must not go. Blotting permits the towel to soak up the moisture. I use a clean, white, dry hand towel because it absorbs so quickly and easily. And being white, it there is dirt on my gear, I will quickly know so I can deal with it later when inside. Many like the microfiber clothes, I do not for this purpose because they don’t absorb as quickly and speed is everything. Things like lens hoods can be wiped dry as they have no crevices nor electronics. Zoom lenses that are zoomed out can be wiped off and must be prior to being zoomed back in. All other surfaces, blot them dry. I’ve done this for four decades and have never had a piece of gear go down on me. It’s why a white towel is an essential tool in my bag!

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